Above the Field of Dreams

We were going to the place where dreams are kept. Together in a truck we wove in the dark through snow-covered, gently sloping mountains until we came to a plain: the edge of a vast, dark plain under the stars. Trillions of stars, so abnormally bright in their circling blankets of bright nebulous cloud. I remember then we closed our eyes and it seemed as if we were both trying to tune into the same station; to have the same dream on some distant star in the stretches of the cosmos. Listening for the same frequency for hours, finally, I felt my setting transform and my scene be replaced.
I was a cat, much like my own cat — if not perfectly identical — and I was in a kennel caged with many other animals in the room. The room had no windows but had one door which was open, and there I saw you standing at the end of the corridor with my storekeeper and caregiver. He was talking me up — fluffing my fur for you — telling you what a good little kitty I was and how I would be the perfect pick. You were beaming as you set me in your sights and walked towards me, and I was excited as any animal in the room; I felt I’d been there the longest. But suddenly, in mid-stride, you hesitate at the door. Your smile quickly fades and your expression is washed over with an emotion I cannot name. Your eyes seem uncertain, scared even, and that alone instilled a fear in me in the fraction of a second before you pivoted: an action surprising only my storekeeper.
You nearly ran at the end of the hall where the entrance door stood, and with your slam of the door, its stained-glass pane cascaded to the floor in splinters.. and the illusion was broken.
I was alone in the truck.
And in the middle of the night sky above me, above the Field of Dreams, I watched our star die.

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