You think you know me

What am I doing?
You ask with blind eyes.
Where am I going?
Far far away from the people of whom I despise.
Who is enabling me?
The majority of you are enabling my misery.
Now why must I sit and listen to you scream at me?
I will not change. You cannot change me.
I am not the horrible person you speak of, and you cannot tell me differently.
I am not worthless, though not much more can be said of your spiteful words.
They do not cut me — only the ropes that bind me to you.
Keep cutting away..
And once I’m free
Maybe then you’ll see
How you had imprisoned me.
You clipped my wings
And told me to fly.
Did you think it reasonable to expect me to survive?
You simply want the best for me?
–Don’t feed me those lies.
I know you only seek after me to break down and cry.
But I won’t let you have that
–won’t give you the satisfaction.
You won’t get my concern,
No.. Not even a fraction.
Just push me away.
I’m begging you, please!
The best of best moments
The moments like these:
When you realize you’re alone
And no one can help —
But wait — isn’t there someone?
Perhaps you’re not by yourself..
Soon you’ll know what hope looks like as the abyss closes in.
You are alone, you black soul –Without one single friend.

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