Madly Alluring, Resonating In Sweet Affection

She was there and saved me from myself. I was drowning in a sea of misery and she gently lifted me out of the water and told me it was going to be all right…. standing by the water’s edge I could feel her heartbeat through mine… Entangled… Impressed…. It was a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time, especially after swimming for years in the sea I had created for myself. Few times before, I had sent a message in a bottle in hopes that someone would find it and release me from my misery. And it was you… Your eyes, the color of the sea that I was swimming in… Your touch caressed me in a way I can’t express but through my face and my reciprocating touch. Your love is my lifeline and for that I could never repay you for your generosity.

If I could have asked for someone as dear as the title to the story reflects, I probably would have not have received such a gift but instead it was given… without a preemptive thought. I never asked for such a person, but then there you are… when I least expected it. A gift the Universe brought me, probably sent to me from some distant supernova and it was the Universe’s way of letting me know that I’m not alone. Nor will the Universe allow someone such as her to be alone either. A cataclysmic fortune she is and I believe that she will be a driving force for some years to come. I thank the Universe for her in my life and I’ll never forget the present that was given to my dying soul. Thank you…

All things come to an end, but I’ll be damned if I let what is between the beginning and the end have any due effect. I will nurture her dying soul and breathe new life into what I see in her future. She pulled me from the waters I was drowning in, and then she refilled my soul with the waters from within her soul and I was refreshed and content. Never again will I doubt the Universe and everything within it, because the Universe brought her to me with a bang…. a glorious bang. And for that, I welcome her soul within my own and I will be sane again. Without misery.

Written to me by a very special person, October 19th, 2011.

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